Creeping error..

I was reviewing my past work and saw that the error was only in a few instances, and even those were .1% in a to .35% errors. However, given that I do a varying precision (some calculations 13 decimal places, others 9, and then I round to 2 or 0 for the articles.
As such, even a .1% discrepancy can cause a shift of a whole percentage point. So I've streamlined the workflow (integrated two separate workflows into a duality of fraud) for the two related facets, these case-delta fraud, and the symptomatic patient v/asymptomatic prisoners ratio.

And, that's what I'm addressing this as.. unlawful, forcible solitary confinement and penetrative violation of suspected couriers into the ethmoid sinus cavity.

  • Forcible Confined
  • Forcible Medical Procedures

Speaking of error rates.. that idiot radio jockey who's trying to cosplay as a reported has a deliberate distortion of over 33% (she over-reported 776 as 1036, which is a discrepancy of 776/1036 or 1.335051546) but she "corrected" herself halfway into the article.

That is deliberately false and misleading "reporting", if you can call it reporting. It's straight outta Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928) which is actually ALSO covered by present-day criminal practicum, such as forensic distortion analysis or claims fraud investigation.

To recap our post (Manifest Examples of Creative Bookkeeping) about her article pimping the "huge" spike on Mar25.

  • Province-wide, Mar25 we had an increase of 1,034 "suspected cases" with the Ministry of Munchausen has relabeled "confirmed cases". What a joke.
  • Province-wide, Mar25 we only had a delta of +1 patients admitted the hospital. This means that though 20 admitted, 19 were discharged. See the game?
  • Province-wide Mar25 saw a net increase of +1,033 persons forcibly detained without trial, with habeas, without appellate rights, and for an indefinite period of time.

For every person being symptomatic and treated for COVID-19, we had 1,033 healthy people forced into solitary confinement.
You wanna talk numbers, bitch? That's essentially a 99.9032882 error rate, you fucking radio "personality". You're a fuckin' joke.


However, to get back on topic, I'm going to be slowly validating the past numbers and revising (with notation) these inconsistencies.