Surly Midget Unit (Protected SJW Class)

What is a surly midget?

  1. The A Team is a group of war criminals turned mercenary who get paid to protect you from criminals who want to get paid for protection.
    I'm sure all the plaintiffs will pool their money and hire a good ole hurt fee-fees lawyer eventually. Galati might help them, because feelings are sacrosanct.
  2. The B Team are the guys you hire if your credit isn't good enough for the A Team.
    Kumar and Kimberlina hired the B Team, Matilda Lici and Shirley Righton LLP. Matilda is a greenhorn who may have war criminal allegations in her family history.
  3. The C Team is a bunch of surly midgets, Surly midgets are a protected class of persons who participate in the Special Olympics. Bronze is third place, ergo the C Team.
    Air Canada has their own "special" counsel Louise-Hélène Sénécal. as a proud member of the C Team for inclusivity points. Gotta hire the "special little people" to get your SJW credits.


Now, the only thing the surly midget (protected SJW warrior class) Ms Louise-Hélène Sénécal has done is to serve Chad and Stacy with an actionable tort. Could this be used as the cornerstone of a Mass Tort against Air Chinada do you think?