Honour and integrity...

Do you truly understand why Kelly is attacking Isaac, claiming to have only met him twice.. when I knew Kelly well enough that she has even brought her daughter Grace over to our apartment at the Sherbourne Site Ghetto in order to talk about our political warfare ops?


Why does it get Kelly angry when I tell her that we BOTH have children to put first, before our little bullshit? Do you realize that the REAL reason she won't talk about the father of her children is because they're actually adopted?

"Grace" was actually only 4 when that scene started so Gr will have a partial reasonable acceptance of the norm, but her brother "Travis" was adopted by Ke when he was only a year or something... I don't have the particular details yet, as there is a LOT of red tape when getting adoption records for children who're under the age of majority.

Kelly is going around screaming that somebody is claiming that she defrauded him for over $5,000 right? Why is she AUTOMAGICALLY resisting an allegation BEFORE there is any such legal operation begun? Have you heard of loading the deck, my goofy brothers and sisters?

The only reason her ex might not have initiated legal and lawful processes might be to ensure the safety and security of two kids, right? Might this individual whom Kelly claims is real, and is NOT an artificial construct representing the ACTUAL fathers of Kelly's two children, actually be part of her charade for ensuring that her adopted children still believe that they're the offspring of some grifted traveler.. who created 2 children with K, even though Anne only met this guy once?

I guess he might have left a long-term sperm sample on the nightstand for her to NEVER FORGET how royally she was fu.. err, fully appreciated.. right?

It hurts me to think if any children would ever read this and know more about their father, even though neither of them are mine.. that's kinda dehumanizing to the children, and shameful for their mother to do.. right? 

  • (Kiddo: If my actual son reads this, please know that I would NEVER do something this degrading to you, except if I perceived it as required to protect you from your mother or father's history causing problems. I'm so sorry, if there were any other way, I would've done it for you.)

You know, problems like an angry ex telling lies about her former partner. I think my friend Kelly actually wrote about this once...