Drift the Grift — So if our contextual realization matters, why let it burn like an adult?

Gotcha, thanks for the feedback.. I was just using your network of contacts in order to reconcile in a non-lawfare sense the fact that Kelly-Anne stole over $5,288.03 from the Corporate Shell which I crafter in order to protect her from the back-stabbers she reported.

Usually small-time (low-end) grifters run their con so that they don’t go over the 5K per mark.. for the exact reason I notified Kelly-Anne about when I gave her the Birthday Present of Legal and Lawful Liability Protection.


Now, I don’t understand her history, but her cover is based in some form of trauma. Did you know that her cover claims to be 6 months and 6 days younger than me? I was born February 19th, 1982 and she allegedly came out her mom’s gateway on August 24th, 1982..

  • that’s 6 months and 6 days later.

That in and of itself, would be my reason to give her the over $5,000 as a gesture of respect, player to player. However, she didn’t take only from myself.. she technically committed theft against my wife, which changes things.

So basically, my wife just demands the documented $5,288.03 returned, because I haven’t told her that I’m actually output of over 10K in total, all my wife knows about is the drifted shell amount of the Independent Ontario Advocacy Group.

My wife’s been complaining to me that I’m not calling the police, but the reasoning is very simply the fact that she resembles my ex, to a large degree. There are many additional corollaries, but the most significant are the big three births. She was born 6 months after me, her son was born the same year as my own son, and her daughter is born the same year as my son’s sister.

666? I dunno, but I’m just trying to keep my partner Kelly-Anne out of jail, and my wife Mary out of her hot-latin anger. The only reason which I tagged you was to protect K, because what she has done is an Indictable Fraud of over $5,000 (13 yr max), or simply an Indictable Theft of over $5,000 (10 yr max).

Now, I don’t think she’d get more than 2-3 years, but that’d suck for her son, who’d graduate while his mum is in prison, right? So, I’m just trying to give K a chance to act like an adult, and just meet with me and my wife so we can come to an understanding non-criminal reconciliation.

She claims that by understanding her Theft and/or Fraud of over $5,000 as being a significant Criminal Occurrence, rather akin to Forcible Confinement or Intimate Extortion, right? So as it becomes less possible to let Anne run her grift, I have to protect my number 1, my wife.

I’m essentially trying to get in the way of my Hot-Blooded Latina Mar to prevent her from going after the woman who reminds me of the mother of my son and his sister. Also, the fact that K has taken such a bullshit direction to this equivocates an understanding that the Crown will go at her harder than the usual minor-grift. Additionally, because it may be categorized as a hate crime, just because of who I am.

  • Not sure why, but I’m trying to minimize the conflict between my #1 (Mar) and my #2 (Anne).
    • Is Anne Kelly-Anne (Ms Kelly Anne Farkas), or Kathy-Anne (Ms Kathleen Anne Williams)?
      Is this person a Wolf from the grift, or is she a Cougar from the shift?

I usually regard Kelly as “Anne” because that’s the middle name of my son’s mother, so I do that to protect K from my acting towards her as if she were a stranger attempting to harm my son or his sister, rather than a mother spanking her son or her daughter.

  • Honestly, I just want us ALL to get along.. my wife with my ex-business partner, and with my ex-paternal partner. Is that so wrong?

I don’t really give a shit what you think, as I care only about my wife and my ex, and our children. I would like for us to all get along, but I’ve reached close to the limit of my patience. I’ve provided Kelly-Anne with my genetic test results for my genetic verification as the biological precursor to the son of Kathy-Anne, therefore I've provided her with a reasonable out if she really is the mother of my son and his sister.

How many names did you honestly realize Anne runs by? She has only one piece of ID, allegedly. 😉 The police know EXACTLY who she is, but they protect her because of the information which they've received that protects her to a degree, from her ex. Just take your time with the read, as I know it's a complicated issue.

I respected Kat as a player, but I protect my son and my wife first and foremost. Kat's daughter and my ex are second only to Mar. This hurts, as I have to deploy the "fail safe" of a Theft or Fraud, over $5,000 which renders it a bigger issue. 10 yrs max for the Theft, or a 13 yrs max for the Fraud.

  • Honestly, it's like cutting off my right arm in order to protect my left side.