Certificate of Competence: The Motherly Grift

Hey kids, Isaac here. I love you, both of you, and you'll eventually understand why mum acted like this.. eventually. I'm not the bad guy, but neither is mum. It's just the reverberation of how amazingly important you two are for your mum and dad.

  • From: Isaac Bon Hillier
  • To: Sophia Chen, Jimmy Zhang, Kelly Anne Farkas, Isaac Bon Hillier
  • Re: Re: Pick up documents
    • You’ve concluded your involvement in our matte Cst Chenr, that is appreciated and understood. The RCMP is better equipped to handle this type of matter, but I’m just better at it, honestly. Enjoy the show, and thanks for you expressed consent. Now, your crew will understand how to APPROPRIATELY deal with this kinda criminal activity.
      Pay attention, they'll likely be using this for teaching newbies about the lawfare games we play. -Isaac